Monday, October 5, 2009

Lush's Dark Angels Cleanser Review

With all the buzz going around YouTube about Mac's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator I decided to head over to my Mac and see if I could grab a sample. I refuse to buy face products without sampling them. I mean why am i going to buy something, use it 3-4 times max, and when it breaks me out throw it away.. thats basically throwing away money. I'm glad I got only a sample of Mac's VAE because it did nothing for my I decided to try Lush's Dark Angel Cleanser.

Now I am not a big Lush fan and going into trying this product I had my doubts. I will have to say though I have opened my eyes to Lush's skin products. I have used Dark Angels Cleanser 5-6 times and so far so good!

Lush's websites describes the product as this:

Dark Angels is powerful cleanser designed for young and oily skin - as requested by our customers and inspired by our best-selling cleansing roll. It's got a natural, anti-bacterial cleanser in the form of Rhassoul mud which we buy direct from the mines in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Powdered charcoal absorbs oil as it gives you a good scrub. Its firm approach is balanced by soothing rosewood and sandalwood essential oils to keep your skin soft.

The texture of this cleanser is the same as granulated sugar and the scent is that of black liquorice which I HATE...but i can just hold my nose when using it! I have oily/combination skin so this does a great job controlling my oil and does not dry out my skin. I do have pretty tough skin and use this everyday. For people who have sensitive skin this might not be a good idea to use everyday or every other day for that matter. Unlike Mac's VAE, the exfoliating "beads" do not dissolve right away and can feel quite rough on sensitive skin. I tested it on Bart who has really sensitive skin and he said it hurt....but he's a big baby.

The downside to this product is that it is a messy clean up and occasionally leaves a black residue in my pores. I use this in the shower so the clean up is easier and I can really make sure the product is completely off my face! It also dyed my shower tiles black.....not good!

I suggest everyone try it. It is quite a good deal. If you have used/tried it let me know how it works for you!


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